Random - Nature

112 Stock icons

30 Stock Icons of Food/Drinks:
Christmas desserts, omelettes, salads,
tropical drinks, picnics, nachos, hot-dogs

30 Stock Icons of Animals:
Cats, hamsters, eagles, racoons, bears,
dogs, seahorses, meerkats, otters

52 Stock Icons of Scenery or Objetcs:
Greenhouses, bellflowers, dahlias, carnations,
beautiful doors, trails, mosaiculture garden,
motorcycles, clocks, hand bags, snow globes, statues

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This post also contains 55 The Witcher icons.
Random - Stock

55 Stock icons

22 Stock Icons of Animals: Cats, Dogs, Koalas,
Pandas, Elephants, Flamingos

55 Stock Icons of Objetcs: Ankle Boots, High Heels,
Funny Socks, Dreamcatchers, Vintage Letters, Typewriters,
Pendants, Old Radios

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This post also includes 25 icons on TV Series Arrow, and 70 on TV Series Legion.
Random - Yummy

50 Stock Icons

15 Holidays Related Icons: Gifts, Candy Canes, Gingerbread Cookies, Hot Chocolate

20 Stock Icons of Animals: A Cat with Santa Hat, Foxes, Squirrels, Tigers, Horses

15 Stock Icons of Food/Drinks: Almonds, Bagels, Lemonades, Lollipops

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This post also includes icons from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and White Collar.